Logs gone after Character Transfer :(

Hey ,

i have transfer my Char Youzless-Blackrock EU to Youzless-Blackmoore EU.

Now all my Logs are gone ? how is this possible :frowning: i put sooo much time and work in my logs and need them for guildsearching etc. Im a Progress Player who really needs his logs.

Youzless - Blackrock - Warcraft Logs : Youzless - Blackrock - Warcraft Logs

Youzless- Blackmoore is with 0 Logs … can someone pls update this ?? without them i cant get high guilds.

I did resync battlenet update wowprogress everything … i send a mail to support too…
cant someone solve this issue? :frowning:

If you sent mail to support, just be patient. We’re getting 100 tickets a day right now, so it’s slow going.

Ok thats alot jeah. Thx for answering.

Is this problem happening more often or is it maybe just me?

I mean i just need my logs before the char transfer, its the same character and logs are still on the page ^^