Show ilvl based ranking


I was wondering if you could show our ilvl based ranking next to our ranking all ilvl considered because upon seeingéplorée, not many people would know that I actually parsed gold for my ilvl on normal Argus which is extremely disheartening.

People don’t know how to use WL properly and almost no one actually takes the time to analyse the parses in depth. Showing our ilvl based performance in a way that is highly accessible can improve transparency.

Thank you.

Resurrecting this request. I think it would be more useful to add a column on the main character page for best parse for ilvl as well. This would particularly help people who are catching up. The most common use is for someone to look up your parse to gauge your potential for their raid. If I was recruiting i’d take high ilvl parses, as it shows this person can perform, they’re just behind on gear.

There’s a button you can click to show parses by ilvl right on the character page (next to the key icon).