Guild Not Connecting to GM/Officer Accounts

We’re having some issues setting up a new guild in Warcraft Logs and believe we might be hitting a bug on the website. I’ve emailed this to support@ about a week ago and figured I’d post here in case the forums are more active.

A bit of context:

  1. Our members joined a new guild last week, and there was some expected propagation delay from the time Blizzard began reflecting the change in the Armory.

  2. I am an Officer in the guild but not the GM.

  3. WCL continued to reflect my old guild until the following day, so I manually created a WCL guild with the same name and region as the new guild.

  4. Once I realized WCL should automatically handle this using data from my Blizzard account, I deleted the custom guild to avoid duplicates.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to see the guild when synchronizing my Blizzard account, and the GM receives an error indicating that a guild with the name/region combination already exists. I can see a guild in WCL at Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft, but it does not appear connected to my account such that I can upload logs to it.

Is there a way to remedy the situation so that the guild begins connecting properly to our accounts using our Blizzard data?