Guild Logs Do Not Match Character Logs


I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing here, but it seems that the parses that post on my guild’s logs will not be the same as what shows up on my character log. I’m positive that I’m reading these right, as this inconsistency only happened the last two times we raided.

Character name is Faeleaf-Proudmoore and guild name is Mischievous Misfits-Proudmoore.

For example, I parsed 84/96 (overall/ilvl) for healing Vectis according to guild logs, but my character page shows 81/81. Lately, my character page is always showing much lower numbers than the guild page, so that’s a little frustrating – especially when I do feel that the higher number is more accurate. I’m just wondering if I’m crazy, or if there’s a bug.



Numbers look the same to me when I view them. I see 94 for healing Heroic Vectis on both your character page and guild page.


If you click on Vectis and look at the one from November 27th, it will not match what’s on my guild page for that day.

These anomalies occur on on multiple bosses, leading to me not having as high of an average as I should.

MOTHER: 86/93 (Guild), 70/70 (Character)
Fetid: 79/90 (Guild), 70/70 (Character)
Vectis: 84/96 (Guild), 81/81 (Character)
Zek’voz: 38/52 (Guild), 31/31 (Character)

This was just from last night, November 27th, but anomalies occurred during a previous run of Uldir as well.