Classic - Gothik not showing on character log sheet as a boss

My guild killed Gothik last night - it shows on the logs and the progression pages for our server. However it doesn’t show on my character page in the parse section - his name doesn’t even show up on the list of Naxx bosses - but he does show up in the little graph at the top of the page.

I’ve checked several people in my guild - same thing. I checked other people on our server that haven’t killed him - same thing. I checked on a guy from a guild that is 15/15 and it does show on his sheet.

Here’s my character page (Gothik not on list)

Guy in another guild - hasn’t killed him (Gothik not on list)

Guy in a guild on my server that is 15/15 (Gothik on list)

This is deliberate, as he is being removed from All Stars and is not part of Complete Raid. It’s the same as with Viscidus in AQ.

Oh, I missed that announcement. Thanks. Is it because the damage on both sides can be very uneven? Like I was on the live side and we just CC’d half of it.

How does that explain that it’s showing up on the log of the guy that is 15/15?