My personal character sheet has not been updating after raid logs are posted


The past two weeks my personal character sheet logs have not been updated when our raid logs are uploaded.

Here you can see my personal logs on my character Note, you can see that my parses say they are updated from our 4/21/2020 raid with Zug. Notice that my Magmadar parse is at 70 on this sheet.

However, if you checkout the logs on the actual raid sheet such as this Magmadar parse you see that my healing parse was an 80. This pattern can been seen through the 4/21/2020 raid and our raid during 4/14/2020.

My question is there some way I can force this update, or is this something that a mod of the form would have to fix. I have looked all over the place and I cannot seem to find anything useful that is out there. I saw something about private guild parses, but we have public raid parses. Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem.

Thank you,

Those are different metrics. What shows in the damage/healing sections of the report is how you compare to all parses over the last two weeks. It’s not your ranking. It’s showing you “typical performance” rather than a ranking (which is everyone’s best scores over the whole tier).

I am more concerned with my best% for each of the fights. So are you saying that my sheet on my personal page is not going to update since its for the whole phase. Where the raid logs are only compared for the 2 weeks. So overall that Magmadar parse was an 80 for the 2 weeks but only a 71 for the full phase?