Guild Control Requests



Game: WOW
Guild Name: Not Afraid - Blackrock (EU)
Character: Demonta (Officer)


(1) Game: WoW
(2) Guild name: Last Dawn
(2.1) Guild Server: Draenor-EU

I am Keridanas, officer of the guild.
Whene the create a guild process failed, I was actually surprised the guild was already there.
Asked to every active guildies, nobody knows anything about this.


Game : World of Warcraft
Guild Name : Фьярнскаггл - Гордунни EU

Current GM Куртаель account name Dvard

Thanks for the help


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Faith no More - Quel’Thalas US

I’m rank 2 and the ‘guy in the chair’ uploading the logs. I need to recover guild control in warcraftlogs because our GM doesn’t do this work. I’m currently listed as member but I need to be administrator to manage the logs.


Game: WoW
Guild Name: Fade - Mal’Ganis US

Someone not even in the guild has created the guild on wcl. I am the GM of Fade and need control. In-game characters Dréame / Túrnt(actually toon with GM, rank 0). Dreame is wcl username.



I need guild control to use webhook.

World of Warcraft
Déjà vu - Krasus (EU)
Character Nanakih

Thank you


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Wächter Azeroths
Realm: Un’Goro - EU
Character: Thiran


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: ACE - 伊森利恩-CN
thanks for help


i really need some help too if possible. someone got some help so far?
game world of warcraft and guild FAQ
thanks for everything


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Metaphor X - EU
GM of the guild, logs page created by an inactive member, kindly help.



Affiliates of Acherus / Emerald Dream-US
I’m an officer in the guild and trying to setup Discord webhook but do not have that option.
Character Name: Rurlik


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: 戒灵 - 血色十字军 and


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: 戒灵
No one still in the guild has the access to the currently created one so requesting the control of the page to be able to log asap.or could you please delete these guilds we can create a new one


Game: WoW
Guild: 七月流火 - 国王之谷 (CN)

The guilt on WCL was created by an uknown person ages ago, It contains none log currently. I’m the log officer of our guilt, my character name is “噬魂之寒”.

Thanks for the help.


Here there :slight_smile:

Game is World of Warcraft :slight_smile:

I am the new Guild Owner of the Guild Lionscave on the EU Server Antonidas

But i dont can control the Existing Guild Profil on the Warcraftlogs Homepage…

Would so nice if you can help me

greetings Cãssidy


Game: WoW
Guild: Moriquendi on EU-Dun Morogh
Character: Crösus
I am the GM of the guild. I’d like to take control of it.