Guild Control Requests


Game: WoW
Guild: Raven
Realm: Silvermoon
Region: EU
Character: Please can you transfer ownership of the guild to Belar as Guildmaster and promote Alaranna to Officer so I can set things up. We’ve uploaded logs, but have lost contact with the current owner on warcraftlogs. Thanks!


Game: WoW
Guild: Afterlife
Realm: Stormrage
Region: NA
Character: Please can you transfer ownership of the guild to Virgilia as Guildmaster. I am not able to upload logs to this guild currently, and it does not show in my guilds list on the warcraftlogs site.


Game: WoW
Guild: Kids are Asleep
Server: Khaz’Goroth
Region: NA

Could you please Transfer the ownership of this guild to Zaedynn, Trying to create a logs for my guild and it has somehow already been taken by a Alliance guild, while we are horde(?)


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Absolu
Server: Confrérie du Thorium
Region: EU

I (An - Confrérie du Thorium) am rank 3 in game “Officer” Rank 1 is GM and Rank 2 is GM’s reroll.

Can’t access the discord Webhook link :cry:
Thanks !


Wolff Pack
I am the Guild Master (Holis) and I want control of the guild


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Ghost Riders Amistad - Tirion EU and Durotan EU

Hello could you please delete these two guilds? So we can create a new one on Tirion?


Game: WoW
Guild: GOME
Realm: Eredar
Region: EU
Please can you transfer ownership of the guild to ooSicioo as Guildmaster. Thanks!


Game: WoW
Guild: The Glitch - Caelestrasz (Oceanic)
Character: Kezapat

Gurrent GM on the logs has not played for over 2 years and as an officer I have been primarily logging our fights. I would like to have control of the logs if possible.

Thanking you in advance


I would appreciate it if you could give me control over our guild logs.
The game is World of Warcraft
The guild name is Tragedy
The server is Lothar

I am the co-GM of the guild.

Much appreciated