Guild Control Requests


Game: WoW
Guild: Adventurer - Stormrage (US)

I am Elienore, CO GM, our current “Guild Master” left guild several months ago -

  1. WoW
  2. The Flaw - Sargeras

My character is Shiftkin, rank 1 (Officer) and I post logs for the team.


Exo on US - Stormrage

Asking that log ownership be transferred to Yggdravir, warcraftlogs account name Javalvik.



Game: WoW
Guild: The Flaw - Sargeras
Character: Gabiral

Old GM no longer is playing, I am the new GM and would like control of upload logs for the guild. Also would like character Shifted in the guild the ability to upload aswell.

Thank you,


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild/Server: Raute Eins / EU - Blackmoore

GM (Daggyt) is Rank 0 and Iam (Laffyduffie) Rank 1. No one can manage the Guild or upload any Guild Logs.



Game: Wow
Guild: Carpe Jugulum / Nagrand

Barricade (Rank1), GM Is emeritus.

Many thanks


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild/Server: Baewatch / US - Mal’ganis

I’m rank 0 (Grampster)

Can’t seem to edit the website/guild info sections.