Guild Control Requests

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. The Wolves of War on Hyjal(US)
    GM: Vallayne


World of Warcraft
Reason - Zul’jin-US

I am the GM, Machete. Previous gm is no longer in the guild.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Cake or Pie - Emerald Dream EU

I am senior Officer in game and the one that generally posts the logs, need to take control of the guild so i can lookin into setting up a webhook!


Game: world of warcraft
Guild name: Send Help - Stormrage US
I am the GM and the old one removed us from accessing our logs after he was removed



Crits-R-Us US Stormrage

Mythirook Guild Control I am the Gm of the Guild.


1: World of Warcraft
2: Exit - Frostmourne

I am the GM and have been since starting the guild, but someone else used to log our fights and now has left the game and I cant log our fights under Exit.


Hello! I am trying to gain control of a guild that I haven’t ever ‘lost’ control of.

  1. WoW
  2. Thuper Thecret Thothiety

At least one of my characters has always had control of this guild. It has been a bank guild sitting empty for some time. Now I am rebuilding it, my priest has ownership of the guild and all of my alts are in the GM Alt rank. Armory still shows my bank alt as GM with no one else on the roster. Help, please?


World of warcraft

Community - Zul’jin server

unable to update character or take control of guild

  1. FF XIV
  2. 8BlindCasuals on Cactuar

I tried creating a static for my group tonight but it said it had already been created and it has no data. I’m the leader of the static, but I don’t have it on my list :confused:


(2) Exit on Frostmourne OCE

its the same thing I wrote before but it seems you had trouble reading it. This is starting to become a joke and I would like to be able to have control of my own guilds logs.


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Boss Over Adds on US-Zul’jin

Began the expansion as Boss Over Adds, guild is now named Going in Dryer but you have to search for boss over adds for some reason. Previous owner left the guild and now we have no leader on the log page. Requesting that Sultara be made the leader of the guild logs. Here’s my armory page of my shaman to show that I’m an officer of the guild:

Let me know if you need anything else from me to get this to happen!


(1) WoW
(2) Exit - Frostmourne

Trying to gain access to my guild on warcraftlogs so I can start uploading my logs to the site for my raid team to check, This is the 3rd time I have written up here without any success.
Can you finally give me access to my own guild on as some random has taken control a long time ago and has only been a member never an officer.


Game: WoW
Guild: Intervention - The Maelstrom
Me: Guild Master, Rank 0
Character: Wxrcrxftlxgs
WCL Username: Same as here

Would like to switch to Automatic rather than Manual management if possible.


Your guild uses automatic management, so just claim your characters and you should be good.


(1) WOW
(2) 小叮当 on 石锤(CN)

I am chinese,Excuse me that my English isn’t very good.
my guild has been created, but the Guildmaster is afk and we can’t connect him.
so please change the guildaster to me. thank you.

my wcl name is wgl2zj ,and my wow name is 奶个鸟奶 on 石锤(CN).
my guild wcl is:


@Kihra Can you tell me anything about the request I posted a few days ago? It’s about 5 posts up in this same thread. I have my account linked but it won’t let me link specific characters. Once again, the guild page is and I’m requesting that user Sultara be promoted to guild leader. Let me know if there’s anything that you need me to do to get this fixed. Thanks!!


Game: WoW
Guild W A R S O N G B O Y S
Need lead swapped from Cantoo to Herb (Inactive)
Character : Herb
WCL : Herb


World of Warcraft
aftermäth / Frostmourne-US
I’m the GM: knâwty . Thankyou.


Final Fantasy XIV
World: Excalibur
Free Company: pulse
Character name: Emi Rii (I’m the FC leader)
FFLogs username: wo0ter

Long story short, we moved FC’s in-game and lost control of the guild on FFLogs. Thanks in advance!


World of Warcraft
Ambiguously Offensive-Mal’ganis US

My main, Dayned, is the the GM or rank 0.