Guild Control Requests



A little bump.
“bloodyhorn”, the guild member who was responsible of our logs has been inactive for months.
I’m one of the members currently in charge of the logs, could you give the control to myself or to our GM, “Zarakie” ?

Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Death and Destruction - Conseil des Ombres (EU)

Thank you !


Hi Kihra,

Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Zeroes to Heroes - Stormrage US

The current guild has no leader, just Midgettes and Yendar as officers, if you could please instate me as GM, that’d would be helpful and I can do the rest. Sent you a Twitter PM as well so confirming this is me.

Cheers and thanks



Game : WOW
Guild Name: 海纳百川
Server: 基尔加丹

My player’s name is 太厚道 and I am rank 2 in the guild.

I want to take control of the guild, thank you for your kind help

  1. WoW

  2. My guild’s name is ‘好多鱼’ on ‘血环’( ‘Bleeding-hollow’ on CN3 realm)

My character named 丶又又酱 is rank 1 of my guild.

I would like to have control of my guild report in Warcraft logs. My wcl account is ‘’

Cheers and Thanks!


I am trying to setup Warcraft logs for my guild for raids and I got it linked with my account but now need linked with my guild and get characters on there. My guild is The Mortal Instruments and were on the Dalaran server. It said I needed the guild code which I cannot find and my GM does not know how to either. Another person in the guild use to do this but is on leave at the moment. Thank you, Cassie


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Side Effects - Ragnaros US

Our guild doesnt have a GM in WarcraftLogs and I am Rank 1, I would like to take control to manage our guild warcraftlog webpage

Best Regards



My FC recently moved to a new one, and I’m having trouble consolidating the correct information. I updated my character link to the lodestone, but when I clicked “update” on the FC member list, it only showed the buyer of the old FC (not the one we moved to). I left that FC on FFLogs and created a new one, but characters aren’t showing up. Here’s our info:

Server: Excalibur
FC: pulse

Thanks for any help!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Robot Unicorn Attack
Realm: Dragonblight EU

Rank 1-4 are all officer ranks (we have a lot of ‘fun’ officer rank names)
I am rank 3 (Bernadett-Dragonblight)


Im looking to get guild control for my guilds logs.

the game is WOW-US
MAD on Illidan

i am GM


Game: world of warcraft
The guild name: 凤凰之翼
My WCL account:
I am rank 2 in game “Co Leader” Rank 1 is GM, the old GM left the guild and we need to upload our logs and get control of the guild.
but i can’t Registered guild,pls help


(1) Game: World of Warcraft
(2) Guild: Sand and Blood

I’ve uploaded a log to the wrong guild, a guild that i don’t belong anymore. I can’t edit the log to move it to my actual guild.
wrong guild: Atauid Risueño
correct guild: Sand and Blood
realm: both ragnaros-us
report link:
my usr: doompotato91



Hello. We just recently had a major change in guild leadership.

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Miles Above You - US Mannoroth

We need to change guild control so I can change the guild’s name to the new name. The previous GM is no longer with the guild.



(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Desire - Antonidas EU

Im currently member after GM left the guild (Bertina)


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Disillusion-Anvilmar (US)

Doing logs for Guild


World of Warcraft
Guild-Knights of the Maelstrom
Sever- Deathwing US
I am Leader under GM


Dear Kihra

It’s been a long time since my last post. We still can’t get access to our guild on WCL.

My WCL account is

The battle net website of my game role is ‘天道茜/simple’.

Looking forward to your reply:smile:

Thank you!


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Cheers Bro Stormrage

Just need to be GM of my guild on the warcraft logs site please. The person currently in the role can be moved to officer. Thank you!


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) Wildplay-Blackhand EU

I am the Guildmaster rank 0 (Drperways charname, Perways@warcraftlogs)

We renamed our Guild and now we have the problem…


Game - WoW
Hüx-Area 52 US

I am currently the GM of Mesmerize but I am unable to select the guild using the uploader. The same case goes for one of my officers. Please help :frowning:



Steel Claw- Dun Modr