Guild Control Requests


(1) WoW
(2) < okay > illidan

Having issues claiming the guild, as the main officer that originally set up logs is no longer with the guild. I’m the current guild master (Illidrugs) and my is linked to my account on

  1. World of Warcraft.
  2. Parhelion on the Bar’thilas.

I am the GM of this guild but can’t take control of it. Every time I try it comes up with an an error message telling me the guild name is not as it’s shown in-game. It is however, identical, so I’m just putting it down to the new armory not having guild functionality yet.
My character is Xëmnäs.


The former guy uploaded the logs left our guild several months ago (in fact he just created and no uploads) ,now we want use WCL during the ToS start from 7.2.5.
It seems that there are still some problems in of China. Can’t import character…
But we need to use WCL to share our guild’s raiding data, if possible, you can help to delete our guild first on the server. Then, I will try to create a new one. Thanks in advance.


1.Game: World of Warcraft
2.Guild Name: 好运村-伊森利恩-CN
my WCL account is, my character ID is 丶牧-伊森利恩, please add me into this guild and promote me to be the guild leader.
THANKS a lot


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: El cuarto milenio ON Dun Modr
Char: Daaldra

Hi, I’m one of the officers and the manager and analyst for raid logs. In our guild, rank 0 is our GM (Rosalunar) and rank 1 are her alter and guild co-founder pjs.

Officers are rank 2 so I kindly ask for Guild Control. Thanks in advance!!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Death and Destruction - Conseil des Ombres (EU)

bloodyhorn is not in charge anymore. I am Angrod, rank “Member” in Warcraftlogs.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Blacklisted - Kil’Jaeden (US)

Deryck is no longer the GM of Blacklisted, I am Mooky classified an officer on Warcraft logs and current GM of the guild. I’m asking for guild control to be swapped over to me. Thank you!



  1. World of Warcraft;
  2. VoVeriai - Kazzak (EU)

I’m GM of this guild and I need the highest rank pls.


1 - WoW
2 - Dedication - Illidan US
3 - Momojojo2470 (Momojojó) has been demoted, and should not be able to upload logs anymore. He’s been adding his pug raids to our calendar.

Revoking his access would be awesome.



Your guild just uses Automatic management so follows your guild ranks in-game. The user you mentioned does seem to still have characters in your guild with the appropriate privileges, so it’s up to you to fix this.


So having manual management, requires Kihra’s hand of help?
I guess API isnt fixed for that, yet.


Daé Vagor , Aegwynn - EU
My Char is Adarzi Warlock rank 2


Hello, we meet the problem of guild control
(1)The game is WoW
(2)Our guild’s name is"泰 坦 之 翼"
Our server’s name is"加里索斯"in CN
The original creator of our guild has left the game and the code of our guild left unkown. So I can’t associate our logs to our guild, which is sad.
I am neither the guildmaster nor one of the “rank 1” member, however, I am currently the only one in our guild that upload logs, :cry:.
My character’s name is “削神客”, the guildmaster’s name is"奶小油"
It would be very nice of you to help solve this!


Click to put yourself in the guild. Once you’re in, I’ll promote you.


Thanks!I’ve already clicked the link you gave me.


(1) Game is World of WarCraft
(2) Guild Обойма on Дракономор (EU)

We can upload logs due the automatic roster management but we don’t have guild code. Logs usually upload by rank 4 or 5 characters. Can you give guild master right to Тэнберг, Долбиллоо or Донвалерон character or to our raid leader Хитрецц (but he do not upload logs and I don’t know is he have account here)?


Got back my guilds logs control at last!

Thank you so much Kihra! Honestly thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Kihra,

i would like take ownership of my guild. One of the members created and took ownership of the guild without realizing it.

Game: WoW
Guild Name: Catalyst Gaming
Server: Sargeras (US)

I am the Guild Leader:

Thank you for any assistance.

  • Rystet



The game is: World of Warcraft
The guild is: Lagrimas de Elbereth - EU Zul’Jin

I am karatëkav in the game, and im Rank 1 (Rank 0 is the GM Fhree). Can you help me to be avaliable for updating logs? Fhree and me wanna upload logs, but my client only detect me the guilds of other characters in my blizzard account, like Karatebishop.

Thanks for any assistance, and sorry for my english.



I am trying to gain control of my guild logs from a member who has been inactive for about 7 months now. The other members of the guild who had access to uploading logs have also since quit. Here is the info you requested:

(1) World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion
(2) C Plus Average - US Sargeras
(3) Character Name - Sanctüs
If you could also help me to understand how my guildies can upload their own logs as well, that would be helpful. I look forward to any help you can provide, and thank you for doing this.