Guild Control Requests


Due to the CN is not available, I can’t take control of my guild.
Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: 我们唱歌很好听 - 壁炉谷 CN
Guild URL:
This is me:壁炉谷/蘿蔔牛腩/
I’m rank 1 of the guild.
Thanks a lot.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name:海納百川-基尔加丹(Kiljaeden in English)-CN

Dear Kihra,
The WCL website of my guild is ‘’ which is owned by the past guild member named qiulian. Unfortunately,he has left this game and he forgot the guild code. Now we can’t join the guild on WCL. I hope to take control of my guild on WCL.

I’m the guild master of ‘海納百川-基尔加丹-CN’ in World of Warcraft. My WCL account is
The battlenet website of my game role is ‘天道茜/simple’.

Thank you!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Гильдия Славы
Realm: Свежеватель душ (EU)
Character: Грибнойдождь
WCL name: MushroomRain

I am not the GM, I’m uploading logs for my guild and can’t manage it.
And there is no GM in our guild on WCL, only members.


Important: Blizzard has broken the API for importing guild rosters and for importing your own characters. This is going to make it extremely difficult to accommodate any guild control requests. Hopefully they address this bug soon.


New guild name, was causing problems, game is wow, guild has had new name for about 2 weeks now, can’t take control of guild, keeps giving me error message, server is Proudmoore, guild name is Déjà Vu, I am gm


See previous post. Blizzard has broken my ability to see guild rosters. They are working on it.


My post on this issue:


The Reunion Tour - Zul’jin US

I’m an officer and the old RL has quit raiding. I need to upload our logs. Thanks.


Our guild changed leadership, but the roster won’t update on, so I can’t take control of it.

  1. WoW

  2. Parse Harder on US-Sargeras

If you can just get the roster updated then we can take control of it again.


It’s not reading our correctly.

  1. WoW
  2. Warcraftier - US Cenarion Circle

I’m the GM of the guild but isn’t reflecting properly. Character name is Serickson.


See previous post.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guilds Name: Néfarious
Faction: Horde

I recently transfered my guild to Draenor, and on warcraftlogs, it is showing as an alliance guild, and I can’t take control over it.

This seems to be an issue with updating the guild from armory.

Best Regards


Game: WoW
Guild: emphaTic EU-Mal’Ganis
Pls switch guild control to shyama (GM)


Game : World of Warcraft
Guild Name : Immortal Of Delirium - Hyjal EU

I am rank 1 in game “officier” Rank 0 is GM
my character is Allyä - Hyjal

I can’t take the control to upload the logs and I don’t understand why.


I give up. People can’t read apparently.


1: WoW
2: The Bridgeburners,

We unknowningly created 2 separate guilds and would like to have them merged or, if possible, have the logs from one moved to the other so that we can just use one of them.

Thank you.


Thanks - is it possible to swap it to manual and set me as the GM until this issue is resolved? It has all of our members set to recruit so no one can upload to the guild.


Malazan reference? :slight_smile:


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Foxwoods - Trollbane

I (Mazrage) created the combat logs for the guild but lost guild control. Can control be restored?


Looks like the guild is using management, so just link your characters and you should be fine.