Guild Control Requests


(1) Wow
(2) Low Parses-Mal’ganis. My main, Marillene-Mal’ganis is the gm.

  1. Game: WoW
  2. Guild Name: Defiant - Azralon

I change my guildie one month ago and the logs still dont have the option to put the log in the guild name, what should I do?


(1) WoW
(2) Zanity - Tarren Mill - EU

Person who has access has quit. GM is only4dank#2683


1.Game: World of Warcraft
2.Banished server : Eu/Sylvanas / Alliance /.
I`m the officer Enchantrëss


Game: World of Warcraft
Sad Panda - Madoran

I am the Gm of Sad Panda and trying to take control of the logs to pass admin rights to officers that post our logs. Thanks


World of Warcraft
I have been GM of Atonement for about 10 years, but someone else no longer in the guild started the account here, and I cannot take control. My toon name is Roglof. Thanks for your help.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Tempest Legends
Server: Blackmoore - EU
Name: Sarahheat

Our ingame GM ist most time offline so i need please Guild Control

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Titan Group (H- Area-52, US)

New guild, isnt registering properly.


I need to adquire control of my guild for

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Impure (Server: Uldum)

I am GM, and character’s name: Mérmel.

Thank you.


World of Warcraft
Banter Frostmourne US

I am the GM Ninel


World of Warcraft
Drunken Midgets
i am an officer Keenny


Hello, i would like to have control of my guild report in Warcraft logs
Game : World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Legacy of Dragons - Malfurion EU

I am Rolfman the Guid Master.

Thank You.


Your guild is using management, so just link your characters and you’ll be put in the guild automatically.


Your guild is using management. Just link your characters and you’ll be put in the guild automatically.


Thank You. That have now work. Before I have wrote this, I had problems with Battle.Net management. I have got any time the 400 Error (Page not exist) on

BR ralf


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Ain’t Misbehavin (Horde) - Mal’Ganis NA

The person who has access to our guild account has stopped playing, and we need to get control.

Could you give control, or my selfìckcheney/simple



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: 旅者足跡 on 暗影之月 (TW)

I’m rank 2 in this guild and want to take control of this log

thank tou


Game : World of Warcraft
Guild Name : Neterya (Alliance) on Dalaran EU

I am an officier in the guild, the current warcraftlogs guildmaster is no longer active or the guild’s actual guildmaster.

Thank you !


(1) The game: WoW
(2) Your guild’s name and the server the guild is on: Okay, Illidan.

Officer in the guild, trying to correct the guild info and start uploading under the guild tag.



Due to the CN is not available, I can’t take control of my guild.
Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: 创价学会 - 永恒之井 CN
Guild URL:
This is me:埃雷达尔/東方儚月抄/
I’m rank 1 of the guild.
Thanks a lot.