Guild Control Requests


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Storm of Swords / Server Tichondrius (EU)

I’m Svartdjup Rank 1 under the GM


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Crimson - Caelestrasz (US)

I recently moved my guild back to Crimson after a two year break and there is still existing logs under the administrator Corixa (a previous officer of the guild back in Highmaul/BRF). I left the guild assuming i could just make a new one but the guild name is in use. Is it possible to free up that guild name?

I know that with the API issues you can’t verify that i’m the GM so for the time being I was wondering if I should just create a new guild with a similar name (ie Crimsons) until the issue is resolved.

Thanks Kihra


Nevermind, seems to be sorted now. Thanks anyway!

  1. WoW
  2. Mutilate - Silvermoon (EU)

There is no guildmaster rank could you please assign it to Killerclaws who is currently the only officer in that list of members on the guild page.


Game : WoW
Guild Name: Ka Ki Lang - Nagrand US

I’m one of the officers in the guild. Did create the same guild but on Caelestrasz (which is cross link with Nagrand).
Realise the different realm, deleted the guild and now wanting to create the guild under Nagrand, but says guild name taken


Guild is there with management, so just link your characters and you should be placed in it automatically.


Unfortunately, the import using battle net doesn’t work for me. When I login with battle net and on the home screen, it says click here to import, but after clicking, it just redirect me back to the home page.


You didn’t properly grant permission to WCL. Revoke authorization on your page and make sure to check everything after unlinking and relinking. Your guild is using management, so there is no other option.


Alright, everything work out just find after your advise! thank you very much for your time and have a nice day!


Give permissions please D:
Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Гильдия Славы
Realm: Свежеватель душ (EU)
Character: Грибнойдождь
WCL name: MushroomRain

I am not the GM, I’m uploading logs for my guild and can’t manage it.
And there is no GM in our guild on WCL, only members.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Frisky - Barthilas US

I am rank1 in game “Officer” and i cant take control of the guilds logs please help


please assist changing the admin for our guild:

guild: Simple Math
server: Andorhal
new gm: Grouch
old gm: Oneshotmcgee



Guld: Vicious Vitality
server: outland

The old gm left the guild and the logs so if you could assign the gm to Bbythen who´s an officer in the guild.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: LAG - Darkspear US

I am the GM -

Thank you for your help!


I’d also like to get control of our guild logs.
Game: WoW
Guild:TheWalkingDead-Garrosh EU
Char: Tectas-Garrosh

The Problem, I’m rank 3, because our current and former Leaders Mains and their Twinks take Rank 1 and Rank 2, but I’m the one logging and analysing 90% of the logs, therefore it’d be great to be able to handle the guild on here.
Because I can’t, most of the Logs are currently assigned to my account anyways instead, but I’d love to change that.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: 爱与家庭
Server: 塞拉摩-CN

Managing the warcraftlogs for our guild, and I‘m the rank2.
My Username on WarcraftLogs is Aiyujiating.
Thank you.



I would like to take control of my guild, please.

GAME: World of Warcraft
GUILD NAME: Lost Prophets - Frostwolf US

I am the GM (Rank 0) Casandrah. I have attempted to link account to, and the Battletag shows up correctly, but I am unable to retrieve any characters or guilds. I understand that this is an issue on Blizzard’s end and am just wondering if there is anything that I can do to expedite the process.

Additionally, because of this issue, I have been uploading guild logs to my personal page. If there is any way possible that these could be moved to the guild page that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!


Game: world of warcraft
Guild name: Alliance of Azjol - Silvermoon EU/alliance

I am GM of the guild Námus armoryámus/simple


Your guild is managed. Link your characters to your account and you should be good to go.


Hey I lost control of my Guild Narcosis.
1: World of warcraft
2: Server: illdan / Horde / NA
I am the GM of the guild and it seems someone spitefully took over control.