Guild Control Requests

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. on US-Aegwynn
  3. My Character: Mammoth

GM (merau) and a few officers quit during WoD, but a few of us (not the GM) came back to raid in Legion. Fortunately I was already officer (former GM) on warcraftlogs, so I have still been able to upload. I am GM of the guild in game and have been the one uploading logs for the last 6 months. Would appreciate it if my account could be promoted to GM on warcraftlogs for better control. Thanks!


Guild name?


Requiem Sanctus (wow guild) EU- draenor

Need control of logs after gm left
Auska rank officer


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Tainted Dawgs
Server: EU-Nemesis

I’m the GM and my PC name is Onimusha.

Thank you.


Your guild is managed. Just link your characters and you’ll be put in.


My World of Warcraft guild is Skullcrusher, on Ragnaros EU. I am the guildmaster.
my problem is getting this msg on our page:
"This guild appears to be inactive. If you are the leader of the guild in-game, you can take control of it. You must have a linked account, and have a character in the guild that is Rank 0 or Rank 1 to take control of the guild. Take Control Of This Guild."
But when I’m clicking on the take control link it says: “This guild is active and logging. Post on the forums here and let us know if you believe this is a mistake.”

Please help me:)



Game: WoW
Guild: No Consensus
Realm: Tarren Mill EU
Character: Helikaon

I am an officer in the guild and manage all the logs. I would like control as the current GM does no logging.



Game: WoW
Guild: Dark Synergy
Server: EU-Ragnaros
Character name: Magictorque Guild rooster

I’m the GM of this guild as you can see on my armory but can’t find the “Take Control” button anywhere so please grant me the access or tell me what should I do to get it.

Thanks in advance.


1 - World Of Warcraft
2- Guild: Os Ilusionistas
Server: US - Azralon
Character: Ceiphied

Someone created the logs but neither me (the GM) or the old GM have access to the permissions.
Could you assist me please


This guild is managed. Just link your account and characters and you’ll be put in automatically.


1 WoW
2 Ascending, Alleria, EU
Guild is active but i cant join. I am the Guild Lead: Kirilion
A former guild member managed the logs


If you are having issues taking control of your guild’s logs, post here and I will help you out. Make sure to include the following information:

(1 )WoW.
(2) Axis-Eredar-EU
(3 )Our former Guild Lead has left the guild and kicked us. The new Guild-Lead is Ne0tax-Neotax

Either me (Balsath-Doktordude) or Ne0tax would like to manage the guild on Warcraftlogs.


(1) World of warcraft
(2) Zeal / Blackmoore / EU
Previous master of logs is no longer playing the game so I am taking over this responsibility (rank 1)


1 - World of Warcraft
2 - Previously on Proudmoore-US, now on Proudmoore-US
The guild split off of several I have posted since have been associated with . Can you please move the logs I uploaded (on Dalillama) from Feb 25th onwards over to ?



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Apex - Twisting Nether EU

It happens that the GM (Zord) quit the game and didnt pass the guild control to any officer. Can we pass it to me (Palumba)?



Guild Name:锋芒
Server 阿比迪斯(CN)
I am the GM,the raid lead who set it up is no longer with the guild,Would like control to star uploading logs.


Guild Name:锋芒
Server 阿比迪斯(CN)
I am the GM,the raid lead who set it up is no longer with the guild,Would like control to start uploading logs.
My WCL account:yuhaitao5138


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Exterminatus - Zul’jin

I am co-GM or second rank in the guild, Altirus, and the member who created the log has since departed the guild.

Thank you!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name:Lightwell-Chamber of Aspects

I am the GM of the guild but i didn’t create the guild tab on worcraft logs.
Can you help me to get the control of the tab.?

Thanks a lot.


Game: WoW
Draconic - Emerald Dream

I am the second rank to the GM in the guild and he has given me permission to upload logs for the raid I’m starting.