Gear and skill changes not displayed in Summary

In the Summary tab of Tables, gear and skill setup are displayed.
This is always the setup that you had equipped when you start logging. Later changes, e.g. changing gear between fights, are not updated, even when choosing a particular boss or zooming in to a particular fight.
You can see gear changes in the Events tab, so the info is there, but it would be helpful to update it in Summary for easier access.
What I have not found yet, is skill setup. I can see a change in the skill setup nowhere in the uploaded log. Is that somehow not logged, or how do I find out which skills were equipped during a particular phase? (Including “passive” skills on your bar that you never actually use.)

Also, is anyone actually using this forum? :smiley:

Gear and skill changes should be reflected for each pull of a trial.

I do not handle gear/skill changes for dungeons, since dungeons are presented as a single unit, but for trials, each pull should have the correct gear/skills.

Ah, that is the reason then - I’m mostly looking at dungeon logs.
Do you plan to add a more detailed handling of non-trials at some point? I understand if it’d be way too much work for individual dungeons; would it be possible for at least the arena-style content (DSA and Blackrose)?
Many thanks for the work on this site! :slight_smile:

I plan to fix the 4-man arenas to be like Maelstrom Arena (which is broken down by stage). I just finished adding support for all the trials and am working on Dungeon support now. The 4-man arenas will be the last thing I add in support for.