Flask tracking in logs

Have a question about tracking flask. AFAIK now it is not possible to track is someone have flask in logs. Can you add at least display flasks in Buffs tab or did something that we can track it with, for example
ability.name = "Flask of the Whispered Pact"?

Yeah that will be coming. It has to be tracked by studying the new COMBATANT_INFO events, so I just need to get that implemented. Once I do, they will show up in the Buffs tab. The Problems pane is also going to let you know if anyone is missing a flask.

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This has been implemented. Flasks should now be visible under buffs.

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Thanks a lot.
So, before Problems pane doesn’t support all bosses and all difficulties, it can be tracked only in Buffs. Is there are any command to see all people with flask? Ability.name doesn’t work for me

Try to explain.
If I manually choose a flask - I can see all people that has in in a fight (f.e. here i choose Flask of the Whispered Pact https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9zvRD32H7cNFgXkW/#type=auras&ability=188031 and see 4 people with it)