Are my buffs not being uploaded correctly

So I’ve been noticing something a bit odd when i compare logs between myself and other ret pallys. For starters, my Greater Blessings of Might dont appear to all be credited to me. In addition, under my buffs tab, It doesnt show that I had Flask of countless armies on me during the fight when I did actually have it on during the fight. So im wondering if there is a problem with my uploader or if im just doing something wrong in game that is causing this to occur.

Here is a link to the log that i’m talking about. My character is faithinkek.

You need to be logging with Advanced Combat Logging enabled. Without that enabled, I won’t see flasks or be able to attribute Might properly. You can enable it under the Network pane of System preferences.

Wow, that was a fast response. thanks a ton for the help!