Classic Logs Have Very Inconsistent Buff Tracking

I’ve noticed when going through logs to check who’s been using consumables for raids that it is currently wildly inconsistent on whether the logs capture a buff on someone. This seems to be an issue with only buffs classified as consumables and I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the long duration buffs from elixirs etc. Someone will have had a buff for the entire raid but the logs will show it maybe only for two fights, and sometimes only for half of the duration of those fights as if they popped it mid fight.

I’ve noticed the same thing, when viewing our Molten Core raid for example it only shows 2 people having the flask of supreme power when I know for a fact there were around 10 people using it. Likewise we had the ony head buff and only a few people are recognized as having it.

Do we need to /combatlog before entering the instance to properly detect these? Is it only able to detect events that happen during combat?

COMBATANT_INFO on retail communicates buffs up on pull, but this section is empty on Classic. It’s basically a Blizzard issue. I’ve begged them to fix it, so we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Hopefully they do :frowning: It makes analyzing logs pretty hard atm and tracking who’s using consums.

Have we heard anything back from Blizz about this yet? :x