FFXIV log not showing up in ranking page :(


I recently realm/world transferred from Odin to Zodiark and changed my name, my new character’s name got my old logs back, which was nice. But none of my logs are showing up on the world/realm rankings, is this intentional or is there an issue? Statics on my realm tend to compare nin’s, me not being displayed at all kinda hides my character’s logs :L.

My character name used to be akatsuki chan on Odin, now she’s Eliya Snow on Zodiark.

Another issue is that when you type my name ‘Eliya Snow’ in the search box, my character does NOT exist. However when I click my profile, she’s right there. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue so I can be findable again on both the search bar and realm rankings?

Just had to click the Update link on your character page (either old one or new one) to get it to check. It does this every 3 days or so otherwise. I clicked it for you.