Character logs showing up on right server, but All Star rank wrong server

Edit: Uploading some stuff seems to have fixed it, as my char is back to normal. Leaving post as-is in case you wanted to dig into what happened or if I just missed something obvious that’s been pointed out before.

So about 2-3 days ago my name vanished from all the All Star rankings on Ultros NA server. But my best parses were still showing up. This has happened before and I thought it was a glitch since it resolved it self in roughly a day or less time. However this time it’s not showing up, and some people told me that in order to fix this glitch I had to enroll my character in my server’s FC, beat out a previous parse or make a new one where I hadn’t placed before, upload that, and it would force my character back to the right server. - You can see my character, Avatar Korra, ranked still in the individual fight parses, but missing from the All Star Rankings.

When I go to view my character info when logged in, I get this:
It shows me on Ultros.

However, my all star ranking is for some reason on Gilgamesh. My character no longer shows up when searching for it on Ultros in the search bar, instead it’s on Gilgamesh.

Now, I do have an alt with the same name on Gilgamesh, but I don’t think I have any parses uploaded for it. I certainly haven’t cleared A11/12S yet on it, so the 2nd profile I linked definitely is not my alt, but a clone profile of my main character.

Anyway, I just want to know how to get my character tied back to Ultros (the first profile linked above), and returned to the Ultros All-Star rankings.

I have not server transferred.