FFXIV echo lock?

Are you going to lock the logs when echo is released for FFlog?

I would love to see the option to upload under 3.55B if the log was uploaded with echo turned off! coughKihracough

This when gaining the buff on instance reset.
26|2017-03-24T02:13:51.3910000-04:00|2a|The Echo|0.00|E0000000||106ABF3A|Mint Dew|00|29186|||c6d201f354dca2117e4f30b9c148eb21

This when losing the buff clicking it off.
30|2017-03-24T02:14:36.3170000-04:00|2a|The Echo|0.00|E0000000||106ABF3A|Mint Dew|00|29186|||a2b41fe85f8f203a4a39c770dea018b1

So if you wanted to exclude echo runs from ranking you’d have to notice the buff and see it wasn’t removed before pull.