Shouldn't trials that now have Echo not be able to have submitted ranks anymore?

As title states; I was looking at stuff and it struck me that Sephirot EX now has Echo applied to it when people wipe, and saw that there were parses submitted in 3.3 for Sephirot.

Seems kind of inappropriate to continue having them ranked when Echo has been applied and the fight is well below the intended gear level anyway.

Do you have a specific example of a log that had Echo?

I just went into coil turn 1 unsynced to get a log with just that.

Random one I found
Just uploaded one that I did a bit ago

It doesn’t display the Echo buff, but they do have it and they are still ranked.

I’d still like some kind of feedback on this. Or simply locking rankings by date on primals the patch Echo is possible, the same way you do it with the end of a raid tier. Because right now it would give an unfair advantage to people that have wiped multiple times and gotten all the way to 25% echo.

Since there isn’t a way to discern whether echo is being used or not on fflogs, I believe this should be the case. For example, a parse by narr locke on thordan has 20% - 25% echo because checking the specific damage numbers for their abilities shows outrageous numbers for that class. The parses itself is pretty impossible to pull off, but it’s proven by ability damages such as forbidden chakra 6500 damage (Non crit, possibly balance, possibly physical hypercharged, no trick attack) which is almost 1.8k more damage for a i240 BiS mnk with those same parameters.

I would consider this particular parse being taken down as a start, but unfortunately 5% echo parses are much harder to notice. However, that would ruin allstars completely since players who want to attempt old trials wouldn’t be able to increase their allstars since the old trials no longer accept old parses. But I do agree that from 3.4 considering the new ilvl and echo on nidhogg, old parses should no longer be submitted to rankings.

I’m going to add the ability to freeze individual bosses at some point. Right now I can only freeze at the zone level.

That’s an example of a ridiculous echo parse, however the two just below seem to be the exact same.

The above being my (duty finder) log, I think a way to discern echo logs from no echo logs on a board would be a great function, but FFLogs currently doesn’t display the echo buff at all.

However, I am opposed to Trials being locked the patch Echo gets added, because all Trials are under one category on FFLogs, and with this proposal seniority becomes superiority. On top of that, if trials are not locked but any log with Echo gets completely removed, that doesn’t solve the problem as every time a new tier is released, you get new gear and thus we end up with the same situation as post-echo patch logs with later parses being seemingly blatantly superior to previous ones. Just having a way to filter echo from no-echo logs would be a good solution to allow viewing of exclusively echoless logs, but I don’t see a way to handle number inflation relative to the release of a fight without just locking the fight the next patch, rendering any newcomers to the game permanently locked out of All Star points.

It works with Gordias because there are no new additions to those categories.

Mh I think rankings on trials and also 24 raids should be locked once the content become irrelevant, this could mean next 24 raid released or next primal realeased.

I’m sorry for who didn’t make it in time for the all star rankings but it would be a faked ranking because most people won’t do the content anymore so you would be ranked against only a small amount of people :confused:

I made this thread after musing and it’s still being commented on w

People brought up a good point in regards to All Star ranking; perhaps preventing ranking after Echo isn’t a good idea. What Narr Locke brought up in regards to a filter is pretty reasonable, leaving non-Echo parses as the only ones eligible for All-Star.

However, that makes me wonder about how that would work when looking people up… Do Echo runs still show up when you look characters up? Do they show percentile rankings? It also brings up the issue that people going for parses would have to reset instance OR have everyone right-click Echo off (which, if not watched for specifically, can also be abused should these changes be made).

Even then, I’m not sure. Trials are pretty much obsolete the moment the next one comes out, and now we’re at the beginning of the end of Heavensward, and Bismarck/Ravana can still be ranked.

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I think at this point this can be postponed as 3.0 cycle is coming to an end and only one trial extreme is left (maybe 2? still hoping for some surprise from SE)

@Kihra do you think it would be possible to get the feature to freeze single bosses in time for the 4.0 launch so that we can start fresh?