Echo should be removed in logs for speed and dps

Hey there,

This has been a thing for as long as I can remember FFlogs existing but FFlogs counts echo towards damage which is a big thing for fights like ex trials, where you can stack it up to 25%.

Here are some examples of the same group doing it on Titania and Innocence Ex:



Now, these clears do not show up under speed, but the players’ dps rankings do exist. These makes it practically impossible to compete for damage rankings without also stacking 25% echo. That requires wiping 5 times after 3mins of the encounter.

I’m unsure how the community feels about this, as ex trials are not really competitive like savage is, but for the few people that aim to get dps rankings it just seems completely unfair in my opinion that groups do this kind of stuff.

Is there no way to remove echo from logs or make logs with echo not valid for rankings?

Thanks for reading!

There’s no way to reliably detect Echo.

Isn’t echo shown under buffs though? Or you do mean the % buff from echo? In which case, couldn’t looking at the amount of wipes that exceeded 3min be used to determine the current echo count?

It’s not shown under buffs no. You can see it when pets get it, but no guarantee a log has pets.

Ah, I see. I guess it’s not always consistent because a group could run double Whm, but both the other healers have “pets,” because Ast’s Earthly Star is counted as one. So any group that is running either of those would show echo on a log. I’d assume there would be groups that would purposely run double Whm and no Smn to hide echo in that case.

Maybe, I could try invalidating based off the pets getting the buff and see how that goes.