Logs not showing up anymore

Recently, almost every log i upload does not show up on my profile anymore, nor on anyone elses.
Other People’s uploads still show, just mine dont.
I’ve set it to the correct region and set to public, and its weird that mine dont show up anymore.
It’s as if they are considered unlisted, since i can link them and make others see them that way, but they are definitely uploaded and set to public.
Character name is Yuria Noctin on Louisoix, if that matters.
Any way to fix this?

You’ll need to provide a link to a report where you should have ranked but didn’t.

this one is from today: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/AmVDx78ZdyPBhQfW#fight=last&type=summary
and this messy one is from a few days ago: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/8FGj6cN1nWqLJMgv
and there’s a lot more. the only ones showing up seem to be uploaded by others

You need to update ACT and FFLogs uploader. Logs now default to rDPS, which is logged only by the latest versions of ACT and the uploader, and not pure DPS. Pure DPS is still there but on another tab, and your logs without rDPS will continue to show up there.

Sorry to piggyback on this topic, but I too am uploading logs and they are not showing up. A couple of weeks ago they were displaying but looks as though they have been removed. I tried reuploading them last night and still not displaying. See this:


Click “Rank by pDPS” in your character page.