Feedback: New Character Overview


I just wanted to pass along some feedback about your new character overview screen. I am unsure if you rolled this overview out to everyone on the site yet, so to those that haven’t seen it yet, here you go:

In an effort to utilize the amazing photo of our character (the one introduced in the new wow armor) the readability has suffered when looking at the overview. Because the information is ordered to the sides of the screen, instead of towards the center, it is difficult to know where I should focus my attention. This is especially noticeable when looking at the site at 21:9.

The readability is the main issue with the new overview. The contrast between words and the background is too small. If the letters would have increased font-weight or would be bigger overall, it would be a lot better. The text for the character and guild name looks good, the rest looks small and out of place.

Does anyone else share my opinion?

I could probably do something better for super-wide/large browser windows. That’s kind of an excessive browser width (don’t you just end up with most Web sites smushed in the center with tons of blank space on their left and right sides at that extreme a window width)?

I’m deploying some changes now to make the boxes less transparent and making the gear and rank text bold.

21:9 is actually never a problem, warcraftlogs also looks awesome on every other page. It’s just the new overview.


Tons of blank space on the left and right as I thought. Sounds like you just want a cap on the width of the page I guess. I can add one.

Cap would work. I just think that in 16:9 the text aligned left and right is still too far apart. There is a lot of eye movement on that particular page.

I came here and made an account specifically to provide feedback on this topic.

I dislike the new character page extremely. I find that the information is more difficult read. The new layout is distracting and unintuitive.

I strongly advocate for a return to the previous layout.