New design in all stars page

That new ‘design’ is horrible. It makes me feel like I’m using a 640*480 screen. Please revert it back.

I haven’t gotten to WildStar yet. I’ll be changing it for that site once I do, since it shows much less info compared to WoW.

Hello, this is way too big even for WoW!

I think the main problem is the size. Design by itself looks good, but the size of tables is too big(especially on 22" and higher monitors)

It really is quite bad for wow atm. Size needs to be cut in half at least or something.

There is like 2x the space you would need for name/realm and 2x space for ilvl 2-3x extra space than needed for dps. Same with date and duration of fight. Talent/Legendary used is wayyyyyyyy to wide.