Broken Character Avatar Links

Hey Kihra,

Amazing job as usual keeping WarcraftLogs up to date, however slowly overtime with new characters I’ve got and the ones I’ve moved have a 404 error for their armory avatar image link. It’s still pointing to the old static render domain which they changed a couple of months ago as per this thread:

Easy fix tho but not sure if anyone reported this yet or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to not having empty images dotted all over :smiley:

I fixed this on my end a while back. You just need to update your characters to get their thumbnails to go to the new URL.

That is weird because a character that I just added a few days ago after pressing update characters to get has 404’d on the old domain still.

But ye as you said, just did it again and now it works. Not sure what caused that one then ;x

If the API doesn’t return a thumbnail, I’ll leave the old one in place. This is probably the source of the confusion, since characters that you haven’t played on in a while stop returning thumbnails, etc.

This was a server transfer of my main character. The old character was still listed and worked on the old url because it had already been generated there but the one where my character had transfered to 404’d. I thought it wouId’ve just been the silhouette on the new URL for the first day or so. I don’t know what happened, I somehow made an edgecase maybe? :smiley:

(Also apologies for the false report. I did think it was weird if you hadn’t updated the urls since you’re always on point with every single patch and change)