Feature request: Fight speed brackets for rankings


I want to suggest a feature that would allow to see rankings grouped by fight length. Similar to what it is now with item level brackets.

This would allow comparing yourself and other players within the specific sample of fights which are NOT skewed by speed kills with million arcane mages and few classes being boosted for ranks. That’s just an example relevant to past content.

This feature could also be coupled to do searches together with item level bracket setting. For ex: Gorefiend fire mage rankings for ilvl bracket 710-715 AND fight length 6-7 minutes. I know this kind of search is possible already with search tool, but there is no way to view rankings compared to fight length.

The only downside i see with is is varying fight length between different bosses. Iron Reaver is a great example. Because it goes into air phase at ~2:20, it’s kinda useless to couple logs that kill it before and after air phases.

Same could be said about Killrogg. Fight length and dps will vary a lot depending on the “Visions” buff and for how long it was used or if it was bursted down even before buffs.

If every fight could have a preset time bracket, those statistics would make even more sense.
I’ll try to give few examples:

Hellfire assault mythic:
Having majority of fights in a very narrow interval would make this fight have no time brackets because of the way this fight works. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/8#boss=1778&metric=speed&region=1

Iron reaver mythic
This clearly shows the “air phase” problem. There is a massive gap between fight length and possible to achieve dps.
So fight time brackets for this fight could be like this:
up to 30s
30s - 60s
60s - 1m30s
1m30s - 2m
2m - 2m30s <- boss enters air phase at ~2:25
2m30s - 3m15s <- boss is in air phase
3m15s - 4m
4m - 5m
5m - 5m50s <- 2nd air phase begins at ~5:45
5m50 - 6m35s <- boss is in air phase
6m35s and more

Myhic kormrok
As this fight has no hard roadblocks that would severely impact fight length, fight speed brackets could be made simply linear in 1 minute (or 30-45s) intervals
up to 1m
1m - 2m
2m - 3m
3m - 4m
4m - 5m
5m and more

Mythic "very long fight"
Some fights like mythic imperator or iron maidens or archimonde can be lengthy, so speed brackets could be set to accomodate that:
up to 5m
5m - 6m
6m - 7m
7m - 8m
8m - 9m
9m - 10m
10m - 12m
12m - 15m
15m and more

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