Feature Request - Batch Video Linking for Combat Replay

I record a single long video of my guilds raids.

I have written a script which takes my 3 hour video file and creates individual video files starting 10 seconds before each pull and ending 10 seconds after a kill or a wipe, all automatically after being given a starting offset for the first encounter. I then upload these to Youtube which I am moving to do automatically using the Google API. This means that I have a list of all my video URLs, in chronological order after I upload them for each raid.

Now my question. Would it be possible to have a file field in the log uploader which reads such a file, or a more structured one (based on DBM ENCOUNTER_START or something) and assigns the video to each encounter replay on the upload, rather than me having to go into each replay and manually input the URL?

Either this or something on the website where I could upload such a file to a raid log, which would again go through each line in the file, or whatever other data structure and assign each video to each encounter in order?

Apologies if I have missed any existing way of doing this.