Feature Request: medal.tv support for log replay video

Hi there!

Medal.tv is an extremely convenient service to automatically record and upload gameplay sessions/clips to be viewable online.

For those of us nerds who don’t stream via Twitch - and would like to attach video to a Warcraft Log replay, currently the only available method is through YouTube.

Having the ability to do this via Medal.tv would be a considerably more streamlined method - your raids would be conveniently recorded, easily trimmed via the in-built editor, and uploaded to then be pasted straight into Warcraft Logs.

Here’s a link to an example clip of me whacking a dummy in WoW if you need something to test potential functionality.

Main page link: World of Warcraft Trimmed Clip 1 - Clipped with Medal.tv
Direct video URL: https://cdn.medal.tv/mediac/1wkySw7wD7g4kT.mp4?contentId=1d2RWJRlk_iZcZ

Thanks for checking out my request and I look forward to seeing if this is possible.