[Feature Idea] Auto upload logs if the client is open

I love being able to log fights, and I’ve saw an HoTS Logs (http://www.hotslogs.com/) that it auto log the files for you in their site after a match has ended, and check it it’s is an dupped log or not comparing the players and the time of the match.

So seeing warcraft logs you have to manually input the logs, or split and goes 1 by 1, or click on live everytime, all seems too manual.

I’d like to suggest a option where once in a while ( when game closes, each X minutes, when you click a button, when enter a command on console, an addon to trigger it after a combat has ended) something like that, it would split all your combat log then it uploads every log it got split and it’s not duplicated.

I feel that once it gets more automated more people and more fights would be logged, and a better stats would be shown.

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