Can't upload all fights only 1 at a time

Hey there. I recently got back into logging my teams fights again and with that we down 12-13 bosses in HFC so when I got to upload log it says file is to big and I have to select a fight and individually upload each fight. Am I missing something? I haven’t had to do that back a couple months ago. I also have kept the uploader up to date with v4.08. Hope you can help. I’m also using windows 8 if that matters. Thanks for all the work you do.

Yes, it’s a new restriction to stop people from uploading many days of logs over and over again. You can either split your log file or select specific raids to upload.

You should be able to select multiple fights in the list to upload. You don’t have to do them one at a time.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ve tried to select multiple fights and all that happened was the fight got highlighted and thats all I could do. I must have been missing something. I will make sure I look again next time I upload logs thanks again.

I also don’t think I can find a way to upload multiple logs as once after I’ve split them.