Factoring in artifact traits to percentile

Would it be possible to get a statistic similar to ilvl percentile, but which also takes into account the number of paragon traits? The current ilvl percentile is very helpful but highly influenced by traits, legendaries, trinkets, secondary stats, etc. Most of those are impossible to account for, but since logs already show the number of traits a player has, that seems like it would be a simple calculation.

Isn’t everyone 54 at this point?

Definitely not. Most mythic raiders are likely there or close, but they still represent only a small fraction of the playerbase. I would hazard to guess that on most heroic parses, only a few players are 54, and there’s a wide variation in traits between the members. There’s also always rerolls and alts.

It’s not something I can factor in easily. I can’t explode the number of brackets by having artifact traits be a separate parameter, e.g., the minute each of the ilvl brackets also has a bunch of artifact brackets, you’ve added a massive amount of extra computation time.

The best way to implement something like this would be to have brackets use some kind of “gear score” instead of raw item level, where artifact points, sockets and legendaries all influence the gear score. One of the reasons I’ve shied away from doing this is I open myself up to endless nitpicking from people … “This legendary should be worth 10 and not 5, sockets for my spec should be 8 and not 6, etc.”… and I worry people would end up just dismissing it as “made-up”, even though it’s the only way to really do it.

Instead of having artifact brackets, can’t you just factor out the bonus from paragon traits and then set percentiles from that baseline? So if Player A does 600k dps with no paragon, and Player B does 660k with 10% paragon bonus, then the trait-normalized percentile score would remove the 10% from Player B’s dps and use 600k for both players.

I agree that things like secondary stats, legendaries, trinkets etc are impossible to take into account.

The other major problem is Blizzard has bugs where they don’t fire ENCOUNTER_START or COMBATANT_INFO. I would be forced to stop a lot of logs from ranking as a result, and I don’t think that would be very popular.