Shirt/Tabard iLvl's skewing iLvl Brackets

Many people and guilds use iLvl bracket rankings to judge and improve their DPS/HPS. However, I have noticed that a lot of people with certain tabards and shirts equipped can lower their ilvl by a very large margin, totally skewing the data. For example, and ilvl 811 may grab rank 1 DPS for the 829 ilvl bracket even though he has all 860-870 gear and an 880 artifact weapon. But he has a ilvl 40 tabard or an ilvl 1 shirt that is skewing his ilvl.

Tabards and shirts should not be included in the equation.

They are not included. Not sure why you think they are.

This is just some of many examples: Not an item below 850, but clocked in at 810 Legendary + 883 weapon; not an item below 845. Clocked in at 808 Not an item under 840. Has Legendary and many high ilvl pieces. Clocked in at 806

All of these players (and many many more) have their epic shirts or epic tabard’s ilvl included.

That is why I think they are.

Hmmm yeah possible. It might be a bug with the item level in the new COMBATANT_INFO event. The first log you linked the person’s ilvl is legitimately low, since he’s wearing an ilvl 60 cloak, but the others I only see shirts at low ilvl.

It’s weirder than that. Not sure what is going on without the raw log file. The guy reported as 808 has 858 in an earlier boss, and he still has the shirt on.

It’s broken gear. Basically a piece of gear is red and not supplying stats.

Oh that make sense. Is there a way to remove the coding the detracts broken gear from the ilvl?