Evoker DPS Log PI Bug?

I’ve just done a full HC run, no problem on any boss logs apart from Sennarth and Primal Council.

My logs here are not contributing to my Evoker’s main page.

The two logs:

When I click onto them from my main’s page (Rivdumpy-Kazzak) they appear as red bars and it shows that PI has been on me for 80% of the fight?? Not sure what is going on please help.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet shows the PI uptime.

This must be a bug right?

These ranks were invalidated because you received too many externals.

The number of externals received cannot exceed the number of which could be given to one individual by one partner.

You can read more about the specifics here:

Also that view is indeed bugged when someone casts a PI on you while you already have one, as Blizzard doesn’t log the buff fade event when a PI gets overwritten. We use a different way of detecting PI uptime, so it’s just a visual bug.