Weird bug "invalidated" double PI?


First time I get “invalidated rank” in logs.
2 boss in a row.
It seems to see double PI on me ?

Not sure:

Hi there, this is just a bug by Blizzard where if Priest A uses PI, and Priest B uses PI on the same target, refreshing the buff - there’s no refresh buff event, and Priest A does not get a remove buff event. This leads to our visual display showing higher uptime (as we cannot see the original buff refreshing or being removed).

The uptime % is not what we use for determining excessive uptime.

You can see here you had 5 PIs cast on you.

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

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Hi Vel,

I see that the second PI was cast at the same time, therefore I received 4 pi not 5.
Also we had 5 priest in the raid.

What is the limit ? Why something out of my control can invalid my logs ??
Should I ask priest to not PI me, making the raid progression more difficult just for the logs ?

I’m still new to this and I don’t get why normal gameplay elements should be arbitrary banned from logs.

thank you

On our end, that would be 5 PIs received, even if they overlap. The cap is the number of PIs one priest can give you over the fight length. You can read more about it here: Externals in Dragonflight Season 1 | Warcraft Logs