Error: Unable to fetch data

Since I uploaded the log from tonights raid none of my guilds ranks work anymore. When I go to the ranks for the guild or the ranks from the log in question, I get this error Error: Unable to fetch data.

I even get that error if I go to look at one of the players in my guilds pages and it tries to load their ranks. I think something about this log has broken things.

log in question. carapace of n’zoth shows as a wipe because I dc’d at 2%. it’s possible that’s what is stuffing things up.

Same here. Warcraft classic

“Error: Unable to fetch data.”

On pages:

And, the logs have been uploaded 19 hours ago (a few minutes after the site go online - according to tweeter), but we can’t see update on ranking yet.

Same here. My normal logs can’t be seen:

It works now for me.
(ranking of this raid is not visible in general stats pages (dps, speed, execution…), even if the log is not in queue anymore)