ERROR: Incorrect password

Why I can’t log in to the Warcraft log Uploaderv1.214. I keep putting my e-mail and same password I use for this anyway and still not being able to log. I may be doing something wrong?

Can you please e-mail me instructions if need it to log back in?


What error are you seeing?

Email looks correct. You’re sure you are using the correct password? You should use that same password to log in to the site in your Web browser.


Yes, I’m using the same password I use for the site and I just change it and reset it just to see if it works and keep doing the same.

Anyway possible you can set a password , tested to see if it works and send it to me?



Can you log in using the AIR uploader?

Hello, I’m sorry but I’m very frustrated ATM. I been trying to log and I can’t. I type my e-mail correctly () I have another e-mail that I used also and try with both and nada. I got prompted when I click on forgot password to enter my old password and I can get it. I been contributed with you guys for your good work, and I can use your Warcraftlogs.

I haven’t use that in many months because of that, I posted for help before and I got no response. Yesterday I did got your reply for first time and I have done everything and download Air, try to log with it also , I had use my old e-mailt, used FB etc etc .

I can’t log on the warcraftlogs , but I can log on the Patreons web site. I don’t want to cancel the account, but what good this do me if I can’t even use it?
From the day that I became a contributor for this project, I been unable to use the Warcraft logs because of the same reason, just check the history on my posts.
I changed my passwords, e-mails, logged in with FB on this and the Patreons site etc, and still have the same problem. I don’t know what else to do. I DL the Adobe Air, the other and the other etc…did everything by the book and I bet that it’s some simple things that we are overlooking perhaps?

Anyway thanks

Sorry for the inconvenient


Can’t you just reset your password? I’m not understanding what the issue is. While logged out of the Web site go to

Enter your email address and then you will get a reset email and you can log in with that reset password and then change it to something else.

OMG, this was a pain. I thank you for your time and help…very much. I found out that my Kaspersky anti virus was causing a glitch when I put the new password and that was the problem. I finally got it to work and thanks to the link you send me too, mine was somehow corrupted and I have to reinstall everything and pause the antivirus.

Short story

I got it to work

Thanks again, you are awesome.


Hello there

I just want to let you know that I did change the password and I can now log but…Artano does not exist anymore and every time I open my C log, Artano name is there. Cancelli (Proudmoore) is my character now. It used to be Artano, but I transfer server and had to change name. I can log now, but my logs are not being loaded and I’m wonder if the reason is because it is under Artano.