Cant reset password

so today the new update came for the warcraftlogs app and client
and i wanted to log my raid as it asked for a new logging

basicly me thinking yea sur i do so and it said incorrect password or this is invalid

so i tried password reset and now i cant change it cuz either im getting completely confused and forgot my password but i cant reset it

is there some way that i can completely start over? and/or reset my password completely without needing to use my old password to change it

On the web site log out and go to the log in page and then select Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

hey Kihra
i did this but it tells me to do the email thing to reset i do that and then it says credentials dont match
so im a bit confused ?

i also see that the icon is shown on china and when i click europ it insta logs me in

Make sure to fully expand the email being sent. Some clients cut off the link you need to click.