Healer Logs Defaulted to DPS

I see there is now an update where you can view gear info, talents and stats of a character prior to viewing detailed logs. I noticed however that healer logs seem to show as DPS, is there any plan to change default view for healing specs to HPS?

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Healer specs default to HPS not DPS. If you logged out in DPS spec, then that might be what you’re seeing.

I’m never in my dps spec and it defaults to dps for me as well.

Can you share a link to your page? It’s supposed to default to HPS.

Looks fixed, looks great! Removing link. Thank you.

Looks like I am experiencing the same issues. Not sure why it does this.

It’s a bug, will fix.

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Excellent, thanks. I noticed it was fixed the other day (for normal), but now that we have downed heroic bosses, it appears to now default back to DPS again. Figured I would mention that too.