Disparity in ToS player rankings vs guild execution rankings

I’ve been doing some analysis on how various regions compare in ToS performance and while working on it, I’ve come across a peculiar possible bug.

Taking the specific example of China. For Mythic Goroth, China has over 30k individual player DPS rankings, amounting to a decent number of parses overall. However, if look you look at the Guild Execution Rankings for Mythic Goroth there are only three Chinese guilds. Clearly there are more than three guilds that have uploaded parses if there are 30k player rankings.

This disparity seems to be present for only eastern regions. China, Korea, and Taiwan all have suspiciously low numbers of guild execution rankings compared to their overall number of individual rankings.

I’m hoping to get some clarification as to why this is the case.


China region no longer supports a Battle.net API, so guilds cannot be validated, and therefore they cannot rank. The only guilds in that region that are allowed to rank are ones that managed to validate years ago when an API did still exist.


Does that reasoning hold for TW and KR as well?

Might be unrelated, but do you know why Chinese guilds can still get confirmed kills on WoWProgress without API support?

He’s doing it by hand on wowprogress only for the very top Mythic CN guilds.

TW/KR are fine and have an API.

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