Huge difference from Skada to WClogs dps?

Got my first kill on Argus the Unmaker Normal today, and after the fight, skada showed 1.4 M dps, however, when uploaded the combat log, I’ve apparently got 800k dps (which is impossibly low).
Is there a known issue with Skada or WC logs for Spriests on Argus fight? Other classes were accurate.

Link to the log:
I didn’t think of taking a screen of the skada window however.

Your active DPS was 1.4m (during the 60% of the fight you were alive), but you were dead 40% of the fight.

I didn’t check that, but still, I was dead for 0 seconds in reality (apart from the mandatory death).
Why would that happen in the log?

Log shows you dying at 4:03 to Soulburst and then not doing anything until after Reap Soul at 7:44.