Cow damage padding - Affliction lock and some other specs

So there was an exploit that has been recently fixed by blizzard and I was wondering if warcraftlogs is going to remove those rankings. Basically when you had the pet Tito out, it would randomly summon 2 cows with very little hp and killing those cows would trigger on kill effects. Affliction, above other specs, benefits from on kill effects tremendously. A post from mmochampion below explains it in more detail:

"There were 2 cows per proc (not 3), with ⅓ RPPM, spawning with Summon Tornado from Tito Cosmetic Aura passive.
With 6 people with Tito, you could, indeed, get avg 12 soul shards per 3 minutes.
With 18 poeple in raid with active Tito, you should have very close to 100% uptime of:

Deadwind Harvester
Wrath of Consumption

Also, killing cows near target triggers Soul Flame.
Finally, killing cows with Agony, was increasing hidden soul shard accumulator increase by one target for one tick.
It’s exactly √((n+1)/n)× soul shards generation increase, where n is number of enemies afflicted by your Agony."
-Posted by Kee

You can check one example here: