Legendaries and comparing logs

i’d like to do some analysis on a mage that i feel is under performing for his gear level. When i ask for comparison candidates for this character, i get a list of 50 other mages close to his ilvl, on this fight, who did better dps. In the past, this was sufficient to get some very good ideas about what the issues were. Now, however, i see that these 50 mages all have a legendary that my mage does not. While that’s interesting information, it’s also not fixable, and it’s masking other more addressable problems. How would my mage rank if he were compared only to other mages that have non-dps legendaries like he does? How far down the rankings do i have to go before i see mages without this powerful legendary (i can only see first 50…)

The simplest way to work through to the information i need would be to page past the first 50 choices, is there a way to do this on the comparison page?