Combat Log Timestamp Questions

I have some questions about combat log timestamps. So far I have gathered that timestamps are created by the local system clock, not the server clock (bummer). Is there any way to infer the local clock’s timezone from the logs to be able to at least try to convert a log’s timestamp to a more universal time representation? Perhaps the logs are always produced converted to a particular timezone (hoping)? If there’s really no way to infer a timezone from the logs, I feel like blizzard could add it to the logger information line at the head of logs so log processors could use it.

This would help a lot with merging log perspectives and deduplicating row logs for the purposes of creating a true canonical history, I’d think. Does anyone have more information about these timestamps or can share a strategy they’ve used to try and infer a log’s timezone? Maybe I’ve missed something very obvious :slight_smile:

also, as an aside… if general questions/discussions about the technical details of log processing are out of place on this forum, let me know and I will stop posting questions like this!