Bugged Negative DPS Sophia Log


Bear Cookie is currently not listed on the board for Sophia, but Jay Quellin is, strangely.

Perhaps logs that enter negative damage done should be automatically flagged in some way? Unless that’s what happened to Bear Cookie, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t to the dragoon as well.

Yeah when I zoom in it doesn’t hit negatives anymore, it’s just a weird interaction with how the overview smooths out dps estimates, but there’s still something up with this log it seems.

Apologies, seems I was misguided here.

This is what I was seeing though:

A lot of stuff in the log doesn’t line up correctly however, like the weird squiggling throughout the entire fight, or the fact that if there was two 100s, two oranges, and two purples, that the kill time indicates that they damn near enraged, so it just tipped me off.

Might be caused by what was stated by Kihra last time this came up, that the logger’s computer clock lagged which caused ACT to incorrectly timestamp things and put them out of order.

An edit: See thread: http://forums.combatlogforums.com/t/fflogs-huge-bug/1574

This is probably that, as Jinzhu posted