BUG Whisperwind Rankings showing player from Arthas

Hello All,

I just want to begin by saying thank you so much for this wonderful site.

Irukanqt from Arthas

Is showing up on Whisperwind Hunter Ranking, I believe this is due to them uploading to Something Wicked guild site, they no longer raid on Whisperwind.

Could you please take a look at this and determine why a player from a different server is being ranked on Whisperwind.

Here is a link to the logs and we greatly appreciate your time and this site!!

Right now there is no concept of moving a player to a new server. If a player xfers, then there are two characters, one on the old realm and one on the new, so All Star ranks on the old won’t ever go away.

I have the capability to handle this correctly, but Blizzard has given me no good way to link old and new characters together in an automated way, and I get far too many requests from people for me to do it by hand.

Hello Kihra,

So I just want to make sure, even if the player was already on Arthas when
he uploaded the logs and he was not on Whisperwind due to the fact he was
once on Whisperwind he will show up in the All Star Ranking forever, even
though he is uploading logs on a different server?

The server name is included in logs, so any all star points shown for Whisperwind were earned on Whisperwind.

Thank you again for the reply, I really appreciate the feed back, I am not
to worried about it, its all going to reset in a few weeks anyway, but if
you have sometime, please just take a look at this log here from Aug 4.

I checked the armory of all players and all are on Arthas and the log it
self even shows Nerd Crew of Arthas, but if you check Whispererwind all
star rankings for Tyrant see below, this log shows up as Irukanqt of
Something Wicked. I believe the issue is that the player uploaded to their
old guild logs and some how it attached those logs based on the guild to
the server.

Tyrant Rankings

Very rare this will happen and probably not worth fixing, but I just wanted
you to know. Thank you again for the great website and appreciate you
taking the time to chat with me!