[Classic] Expansion Allstar Display

Hey, how do I filter my Expansion Allstars tab, it recently changed tonight from Naxxramas P6 to Naxxramas P6 (Without World Buffs) without any coercion from my part, i’m not sure what I did to spur it to change, but I now can’t access my Naxxramas agregate.

Is there a way to make it change back, or a way for me to curate which Allstars I want to display?

It’s a bug, I’m working on fixing.

Thank you, have a good night.

Hopping on here as well. There’s been some pretty major issues with all stars and rankings in Naxx. It seems there are issues when logs are changed (eg. log is changed from a personal log to guild log, or renamed). Causing things to not show up in rankings.

This has been plaguing my guild where we have many people not showing up in rankings, as well as all stars points being wildly invalid. I’ve noticed this for a decent amount of other players (on different regions, servers, guilds, everything), where they have 95+ across the board but their all stars and rankings is only present on some bosses (even when the raids are tagged in a guild with a history).

The interactions that seem maybe to be causing it are: Multiple people logging the same raid, Multiple people logging the same raid + after raid all but one raider deletes them (even if rankings maybe have been processed on their raid), logs being “changed” (personal → guilded, renaming, etc).

I’m curious if these issues will be addressed as part of this bug fix. My guild is currently discussing trying to make sure we only have one person logging raids, and making sure they’re marked as the guild as they are uploaded/live logged. Unfortunately, it might be hard to coordinate and it really sucks to have raids not be registered for all stars/ranking if someone scuffs it.

It “feels” (eg. I haven’t observed otherwise) that usually this is just attached to a specific log. It’s not character or guild affiliated, rather sometimes a log is just not considered part of rankings or allstars. And any fight which may have been a new PB on that raid will not be on rankings or all stars. I had this last week which I had 3 #1 server parses, and they didn’t show up until I pinged support (where it has now been resolved, when the log was “re-exported” by Sildri, thanks!). But I suspect this likely is actively affecting more than a few % of logs, causing the rankings to likely be incorrect/inaccurate for all players.

This seems to be affecting my guild at a 50%+ rate, where many logs are not being processed. But we also often have multiple people logging, and ultimately delete down to one official one within a few hours of raid ending. Our guild is currently confused if there’s a way we can mitigate this on our end? Perhaps our guild is not registered correctly and we would like to know if there’s a more delicate balance to logging that would maybe fix these issues going forwards.


The broken All Stars update is unrelated to the best score failure issues. I’ve been unable to figure out the best scores issue as there are no logged exceptions or errors and it always works fine when operating on a single report. You are correct that it has to do with concurrency, most commonly when the best scores of one log are removed (through making logs private or deletion).

Even weirder is that it’s unique to Classic, i.e., Shadowlands and FF rarely have any issue despite having many loggers per fight.

I do have a filed bug on the Best Scores stuff and do hope to fix it. It’s just proving difficult to track down.

I should add that it could help with debugging if you leave it broken and link the reports while they’re in the bad state. You can usually tell something went wrong when you select a specific boss and see dashes next to people’s Best Ranks in the rankings tab of reports.

We have a few people logging to personal logs, and a few people logging to guild logs. As well as some people doing unlisted (eg. kinda all the combinations of guild log, personal log, and unlisted/public for the same raid). Perhaps some weird combination of these is causing problems, if this helps repro the bugs. Would be a tremendous weight off our shoulders as we’ve been all panicing about it in Discord for a while now.

It’s also possible that we have a few logs which are being marked private after they get processed for rankings, instead of them being deleted.

Might be slightly related but we also have instances of personal logs “taking priority” over guild logs. For example, our guild official log is: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft However, someone also personally logged Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft . This caused the logs to not be tied to the guild, and also means they’re not tied to a faction (and just does not show up on faction-based leaderboard filtering).

Edit: 1 sec, I can get you a few concrete examples. Gonna try to get you near-census data with some GraphQL queries. Might take me a bit. I’m terrible at GraphQL lol

I found the bug. It had to do with changing the code around deletion to make reports recoverable when deleted. Deleted reports were causing best scores to be voided.

Nice job Kihra, thank you! Will this retroactively fix historically broken reports as well?

Awesome fix!